Make Bigger Savings On E-cigs

Anyone who has made the switch from smoking to vaping will tell you two things: first, how much healthier they feel now that they are noe-cig2 longer inhaling thousands of chemicals each time they light a cigarette, and secondly, how much more money they have now that they are no longer throwing their money away buying packets of smokes. Everyone wants to be healthier and wealthier — make the switch to e-cigs today and you too could start saving money.

At first glance, it may be difficult to understand how vaping is so much cheaper than smoking. Take a look at a website like Vapor DNA, for example, and you will find top-of-the-range vaporizers and devices that retail for hundreds of dollars — much more expensive than the few dollars you spend on a packet of cigarettes. But think about how that few dollars adds up every week, every month. Buying your vaporizer is a one-off purchase, and even though you have to keep it filled with e-liquid or buy the odd replacement part, it still works out much cheaper than smoking.

Disposable Bargains

Even the disposable e-cigarettes that many smokers try when they first turn to vaping are more of a bargain than your normal cigarettes. The word “disposable” may make you think you are not going to be saving as much money, but the fact is that while these disposable e-cigs cost about the same as a packet of cigarettes, many of the best models contain at least 300 inhalations and often many more — equivalent to well over 30 cigarettes. That is far more than you get in a packet, yet the price is the same.

Shop around to find the best deals on disposable e-cigarettes if you want to be sure of making savings. Sites like Vapor DNA might have a special deal on the starter kits or might be offering an online voucher to reduce your final bill. Many websites offer a price guarantee promising to match the lowest price you find elsewhere, so it really is worth doing a bit of research before you buy.

Move on to Refills

You may find that you are happy using disposable e-cigs; after all, they are convenient, easy to use, and seem very familiar to people who are trying to give up smoking, tasting, and even looking at the real thing. However, many vapers do eventually move on to more advanced devices such as vape pens or vaporizers; devices which can be recharged and refilled with e-liquids, allowing them to be used over and over again. Considering that you can buy a decent quality vape pen at Vapor DNA for less than $20 and that they sell e-liquids for as little as $10 per bottle, it is easy to see how vaping works out much, much cheaper than smoking in the long run.

People don’t just make the progression to vape pens and vaporizers to save money, though; they also do it because these devices give them more flexibility when it comes to flavor. Most disposable e-cigs only come in tobacco flavor or maybe menthol — though there are a couple of brands that are branching out into more adventurous blends. This is great when you have just quit smoking and want to keep that familiarity, but you will soon grow bored of the same old flavors, especially when there are so many creative concoctions and combinations on sale at Vapor DNA.

Save on E-liquids

There are even ways of saving money when it comes to buying e-liquids. As well as the usual tricks of shopping around and checking what items are reduced on the Vapor DNA website, you can often buy bottles of e-liquid in bulk, saving you money in the long run. Of course, this only works if you have a particular favorite flavor or brand and you’re sure you won’t become bored of it, otherwise you might end up stuck with lots of bottles of e-liquid you don’t want to use. If you do buy in bulk, make sure you keep your bottles stored safely so that young children cannot get to them; while nicotine is harmless to adults, it can make small children very ill.

Whatever devices, products or vaping accessories you are buying, there are lots of different ways of saving money when it comes to purchasing e-cigs; and so long as you shop sensibly and look out for bargains and coupons, like click here, you will soon notice that you have lots of extra dollars in your pocket which used to be spent on smoking.

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